Red Pozole

When I think of Mexican soups, pozole always comes to mind. Plumped corn in an onion chile broth is hard to beat. Add to that tostadas, limes, fresh radish and cabbage, and it goes over-the-top good. It’s a celebration food popular all over Mexico and the American Southwest, but pozole has a sordid history. According […]

Fava Bean Pasta Sauce

When I saw fresh fava beans at the store, I got too excited. I know this because my dance while holding the bag in the middle of the grocery isle got a few looks. Maybe they thought I was going to take it home and enjoy it with a nice chianti, ala Hannibal Lector. Really, […]

Watermelon Salad with Video

This salad just tastes of summer! I love it because it has so many complex flavors, but leaves you feeling ‘light’. You can eat and swim 30 minutes later, for example. Is there a better reason to whip up a big batch for a pool party? I love all the colors of this salad! 4 […]

Tostadas with Black Beans, Chile Seitan, and Avocado (with Video)

I created this late one night when I was craving Mexican food. I had a bag of older masa in my refrigerator that I was getting ready to toss and then I hit upon the idea of crisping it into an unfried tostada directly on the griddle. Add some black beans, ancho flavored seitan, avocado, […]

Hoppin’ Juan

Hoppin’ John is a traditional New Year’s Southern recipe made with pigeon peas, greens. In the lowcountry of Georgia and South Carolina, its place of origin, it’s made with pigeon peas. In the rest of the country, it’s made with black eyed peas. I decided to give mine a Mexican twist by cooking it with […]

Tofu Kimchee Bowl

This bowl is perfect for a quick lunch. It’s easy to make, full of flavor, and super satisfying. It’s packed with flavor from the kimchee and the sweet ponzu sauce and the hearty baked tofu gives it some weight. Not only that, I always feel great after I eat this. Ingredients 2 tbsp. of ponzu […]

Sweet Mango Smoothie

This smoothie a cross between breakfast and dessert, a healthy, easy-to-make treat that my wife calls mango Nirvana. This is particularly easy because it uses frozen mango, partly for ease of use, but more importantly because the frozen mango makes a cold, thick smoothie. Ingredients 1 banana 4 cups of frozen mango 3 cups of almond […]

Gallo Pinto Especial

Gallo Pinto is the national dish of Costa Rica, which is the first place I ate it. It was served at every hostel I stayed at, fresh for breakfast and available all day long. It translates to “speckled rooster,” supposedly called that because of color contrast of the beans mixed with the rice. Whatever the […]

15 Minute Black Bean Chilli with Video

This is one of the first recipes I created when I went vegan. I love chilli, but a lot of the chilli recipes I saw were really just vegetable stews with a smattering of chile powder. Not cool! I want something hearty when I have chilli and I want something that actually features chiles. I […]