Salted Caramel Coffee Syrup

More and more I love making my own coffee at home. This is partially because I have a horrible makeup habit, and that money needs to come from somewhere. I take that money I used to spend on Starbucks three or four times a week and funnel that elsewhere. The problem with Starbucks is that […]

Root Beer BBQ Sauce

Root beer barbeque sauce is a staple at this time of year. Mine has a few twists and turns. I always use a natural soda, like Virgil’s root beer. I hate artificial colors, flavors, or any of that. I also included options to use a natural version of Dr. Pepper or even ginger beer! Experiment […]

Mexican Fusion Chopped Salad

Here is an easy, refreshing dinner. Not only will this make you feel full, it is full of flavor, fiber, protein and antioxidants. It uses a lot of southwestern flavors, but I can’t in good conscience call this ‘Mexican’ as it is not authentic. I included two options for dressing – one has fat and […]

Manzano Salsa

I was first introduced to the manzano pepper by a nice gentleman in Prescott, Arizona during a day trip. I can never pass up a farmer’s stall. When I saw these, he explained they were peppers. He gave me his family recipe in a mix of English and Spanish. That was almost 15 years ago, […]


This condiment is popular all throughout North Africa and has been become fairly popular in Morocco, but is probably most well known for being one of the quintessential Tunisian hot “sauces.” I put sauce in parentheses because it’s more like a paste than a sauce, but it’s used much the same way. It has a […]