Red Pozole

When I think of Mexican soups, pozole always comes to mind. Plumped corn in an onion chile broth is hard to beat. Add to that tostadas, limes, fresh radish and cabbage, and it goes over-the-top good. It’s a celebration food popular all over Mexico and the American Southwest, but pozole has a sordid history. According […]

My Cheatin’ Mole

I am a huge fan of mole (and really, if you are reading this site, there’s a good chance you are, too.) I’m not always a fan, however, of spending hours making one, so I developed this 30 minute mole recipe so I could have something that was nearly as good as the traditional mole […]

Tamales with Beans and Peanuts

Tamales are a Christmas tradition all across Mexico and the American Southwest, where I grew up. I always make a batch every holiday season and each season gets a new recipe. This year, it’s pinto beans, roasted peanuts, and raisins in a serrano and guajillo chile sauce. If you want to tone down the heat, […]

Walnut Serrano Crusted Tofurky

Madelyn first introduced this to me and I couldn’t resist the mix of fresh serrano chiles and ground nuts. Her version uses pecans, but we didn’t have any available, so I made mine with walnuts. I added a little agave to balance out the heat of all the fresh serranos and it worked out perfectly. […]

Mushrooms Stuffed with Pecan Guajillo Paste

This fancy stuffed mushroom is incredibly easy to make and just as easy to modify. Consider the pecan guajillo paste, a smear made from just pecans, guajillo chiles, and salt, your canvas upon which to paint. A tasty, tasty canvas that stands on its own, but which also makes a great starting point for you […]

Breakfast Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles, a popular Mexican dish with a robust filling nestled between two crisp corn tortillas, all smothered in chile sauce, are Mexican soul food to me. Often eaten for breakfast, these are a spicy morning wake up that leaves a big smile on my face. This particular version is made with a tofu and pinto […]

Tandoori Sweet Potatoes

Tandoori, although more popularly associated with chicken tandoori, is actually a style of cooking using a tandoor, which is a clay oven that looks like a jar. It’s a type of cooking most closely identified with Punjab cuisine. The fire is placed at the bottom of the oven so that food cooks three different ways: […]

Mexico City-style Torta

Tortas, those quintessential Mexican sandwiches, are a staple of Mexico City. This particular sandwich combines elements found in different types of tortas to create a new delicious treat. At the heart of the torta are mushrooms or seitan simmered in a guajillo chile garlic sauce, giving a punch to the sandwich. This is topped with […]

Manzano Salsa

I was first introduced to the manzano pepper by a nice gentleman in Prescott, Arizona during a day trip. I can never pass up a farmer’s stall. When I saw these, he explained they were peppers. He gave me his family recipe in a mix of English and Spanish. That was almost 15 years ago, […]

Pasta with Seared Oyster Mushrooms in Ancho Chile Sauce

This ended up being one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever made. It has four components, each of which is very simple to make, but when combined together create this soulful explosion of flavor. The sauce itself is a version of one of the many different Veracruz-style sauces. It’s a blend of Mexican and […]