Red Pozole

When I think of Mexican soups, pozole always comes to mind. Plumped corn in an onion chile broth is hard to beat. Add to that tostadas, limes, fresh radish and cabbage, and it goes over-the-top good. It’s a celebration food popular all over Mexico and the American Southwest, but pozole has a sordid history. According […]

Sopa de Lima y Naranja

This is my take on a classic Yucatecan lime soup. The limes used in that soup are fairly different than the super tart green limes we usually see in the grocery store, so I decided I was going to do a mix of limes and oranges. Wow, this soup turned out well! It’s a nice […]

Tamales with Beans and Peanuts

Tamales are a Christmas tradition all across Mexico and the American Southwest, where I grew up. I always make a batch every holiday season and each season gets a new recipe. This year, it’s pinto beans, roasted peanuts, and raisins in a serrano and guajillo chile sauce. If you want to tone down the heat, […]

Breakfast Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles, a popular Mexican dish with a robust filling nestled between two crisp corn tortillas, all smothered in chile sauce, are Mexican soul food to me. Often eaten for breakfast, these are a spicy morning wake up that leaves a big smile on my face. This particular version is made with a tofu and pinto […]

Enchiladas Verdes with Tomatillo-Jalapeno Sauce

Enchiladas verdes (enchiladas cooked in a tomatillo-chile sauce) are the peppy cousin of more traditional red enchiladas. I recently taught these in a class and they were a huge hit. Then I served them to a group of friends who come over for games and food every month, and they were an even bigger hit. […]

Chard and Zucchini in White Bean Sauce

The sauce is based on a white bean pizza sauce found in Tuscany, but I figured it would go just as well with sautéed zucchini and stewed greens. Make sure to cook the zucchini and greens separate so the texture comes out right and if you forgo the water in the recipe, you can use […]

Mexico City-style Torta

Tortas, those quintessential Mexican sandwiches, are a staple of Mexico City. This particular sandwich combines elements found in different types of tortas to create a new delicious treat. At the heart of the torta are mushrooms or seitan simmered in a guajillo chile garlic sauce, giving a punch to the sandwich. This is topped with […]

Tacos Vampiros, from Vegan Tacos

This taco is a specialty of Southern Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. It’s actually a hybrid tostada taco, with a crisp tortilla that gently curls around crispy beans and vegan cheese. It’s absolutely delicious and it has one of the coolest names for a taco I’ve ever heard, because Tacos Vampiros translates to “Vampire Tacos.” Some say […]

Fava Bean Pasta Sauce

When I saw fresh fava beans at the store, I got too excited. I know this because my dance while holding the bag in the middle of the grocery isle got a few looks. Maybe they thought I was going to take it home and enjoy it with a nice chianti, ala Hannibal Lector. Really, […]

Tostadas with Black Beans, Chile Seitan, and Avocado (with Video)

I created this late one night when I was craving Mexican food. I had a bag of older masa in my refrigerator that I was getting ready to toss and then I hit upon the idea of crisping it into an unfried tostada directly on the griddle. Add some black beans, ancho flavored seitan, avocado, […]