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Red Pozole

When I think of Mexican soups, pozole always comes to mind. Plumped corn in an onion chile broth is hard to beat. Add to that tostadas, limes, fresh radish and cabbage, and it goes over-the-top good. It’s a celebration food popular all over Mexico and the American Southwest, but pozole has a sordid history. According […]

Bitter Garlic Quinoa Risotto

I created this recipe for a quinoa class because I wanted to experiment with adding some dark flavors to quinoa. To achieve those dark flavors, I created a broth made from caramelized, bitter garlic. The flavor is intense, off the beaten path, and delicious. Keep in mind, this is not a real rissoto, but it’s cooked […]

Italian E-book Downloads

Below is a collection of two of the back issues of The Vegan Culinary Experience magazine that focus on authentic Italian cuisine as well as the two e-books I compiled for my tours in Southern Italy. Italy is one of my favorite parts of the world and I always look forward to going back and discovering […]

Spicy Eggplant Salad with Mint and Garlic

This Calabrian dish is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant in the summer. It has a simple set of ingredients that come together perfectly with the right execution. It takes about a day for the eggplant to marinate, but it will last refrigerated for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Ingredients 8 Italian […]

Friendship Cup

I first heard of this drink while scouring some of my authentic Italian cookbooks, and finally had it during one of my solo trips to Italy. It’s quirky, intense, fun, and eminently drinkable. It’s Italian name is La Coppa dell’Amicizia and it’s a mix of espresso, grappa, wine, sugar, and lemon zest. It’s traditionally served […]

Spring Peas with Porcini

This dish, called Piselli al Porcini, is my variation on a classic peas and prosciutto dish. It’s a very simple dish and the trick to it is to use dried porcini instead of fresh ones. It’s also very easy to make this dish without the oil, too. Ingredients 1/4 cup of dried porcini 1 small […]

Bruschetta Three Ways

Bruschetta, pronounced brew-skett-uh in Italian, is both simple and exquisite, rustic and fancy at the same time. Whenever I have my grill going, I always think of pulling out a loaf of bread and garlic and making a quick snack of bruschetta. While you will get the best flavor by far on the grill, you […]

One Pot Orecchiette

This recipe is a simple variation of my favorite orecchiette recipe, without as much mess. It can all be made in one pot and putting it together only takes a few minutes. Minimal cleanup, minimal work, maximum flavor. I love that. Ingredients 10 cloves of garlic, minced 2 tablespoons of olive oil (omit this for […]

Apple Blackberry Dessert Polenta

I created this dessert as part of a challenge to myself to find a way to new way to use polenta in one of my classes. I had a ton of it sitting around and wanted to do something unexpected with it. Thus, dessert polenta was born. It’s a little sweet, but not overly sweet, […]

Thai Green Stir-fry

This is one of my favorite Thai noodle dishes. It requires a bit of prep and the ingredient list is pretty long, but the prep itself is easy and once you start cooking, it goes very quickly. I recently make this for one of my authentic Thai vegan cooking classes and it was the start […]