5 Tips to Be a More Effective Health Advocate

Last week, I talked about how to be a more effective vegan food activist. This week, I am going to talk about a related subject that crosses a lot of paths with my previous post you can find here. That is how to be a better advocate for healthy vegan eating and how to help […]

5 Tips to Be a Better Vegan Food Activist

I became a vegan food activist the moment I became vegan. Every time I served vegan fare to friends in my home or I went out to eat, people watched what I was doing. They couldn’t help it. Food is so emblematic of who we are both individually and as a culture, any deviation from […]

My Vegan Story

It was almost thirteen years ago that I stepped into being vegan. It’s also the same time I was diagnosed with type II diabetes when I was 28. That’s no coincidence. Going vegan was a direct result of that diagnosis, one that I received in an Austin, TX emergency room after being worked on for […]