Adventures in Home Brewing

Let me tell you a secret. I hate beer. More accurately, I used to hate most beers, which is why it is such a strange turn that has led me to the art of home brewing. Looking back, it’s not a huge surprise I disliked beer for so long. When I was growing up, the […]

An Italian Adventure Part II: Rome

I’ve been to Rome three different times now, and it’s always a different experience. With so much to do and a type of vibrancy unique to Rome, it has become my favorite city. When I step onto the stairs of the subway and hear the thrumming trains, I feel at home. It’s a place where […]

An Italian Adventure Part I: Florence

Something funny happened while I was in Florence. I was at Le Fate, a vegetarian restaurant on Borgo Allegri, talking with the chef and he mentioned something to the effect that it must be hard to be vegan in the States because Americans ate egregious amounts of meat. It took me aback, because while it’s […]

The Dude and Severus Snape

When it comes to food that other people serve me, I am of two minds. On the one hand, I am as laid back as The Dude. On the other hand, when I get served food by professionals, I turn into Severus Snape. I’ve wondered why I react that way for awhile and here’s what […]

Keep Moving Forward (and a confession)

Vegan has been in ascendance for the past few years. Vegan chefs are winning awards and are finally being accepted as legitimate contributors to the culinary world while vegan consumers are dominating the marketplace. We’ve done a great job of bringing compassion to the masses, but for all we’ve done, there’s still more to do. […]

Making Authentic Food Vegan

I’ve been a vegan food writer and chef for ten years now and one of the most prominent themes that runs through my works is that I like to take authentic cuisine and make it vegan. I am fascinated by ideas and culture and authentic cuisine is simply the food-based expression of those two things. […]

Stress, Writing, and Staying Healthy

This will be a short post as I am finishing up the manuscript for Vegan Tacos tonight, but that very process is what inspired this piece of advice. You see, writing a book is pretty stressful. It’s basically like writing an amped up issue of The Vegan Culinary Experience and with more pressure on top. […]

Quality of Life vs. The No-oiled Machine

I’m not just in the business of making good food, I’m also in the business of helping people improve their health and improve their quality of life. It’s why I offer a meal delivery service of healthy vegan meals all across the U.S. and why I often write two versions of a recipe, one that […]

Plant-based vs. Vegan

Several years ago, the term plant-based started being bandied around in place of the term vegan. I primarily saw this in the medical community as a way for those people promoting health to distance themselves from activists who were promoting vegan as an ethical stance. It was during a time when saying “vegan” got you […]

My Time As a Culinary School Instructor

It wasn’t that long ago that I was a guest instructor at the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. It was right when Le Cordon Bleu partnered with culinary schools to bring their certification to schools outside of Paris and it meant I got the surprise honor of being the first vegan instructor to teach in the Le […]