Spring Vegetable Soup, or GIVE ME ALL THE VEGGIES!!

I love a good soup. Many of you are not surprised in the least by this. There are many reasons for this. One is because I have an ulcer. It gets better, it gets worse, but raw fibrous vegetables can be that much harder for my body to break down. Cook those same vegetables in […]

Fava Bean Pasta Sauce

When I saw fresh fava beans at the store, I got too excited. I know this because my dance while holding the bag in the middle of the grocery isle got a few looks. Maybe they thought I was going to take it home and enjoy it with a nice chianti, ala Hannibal Lector. Really, […]

Smoked Potato Chowder

Sometimes you just want a big bowl of goodness. This is a hearty soup that has 20 grams of protein per serving. Yep, you heard that right. All those people who ask where we get our protein just have no clue! If you want a version of this comprised of entirely whole foods, substitute 2 […]

Chef Madelyn Pryor

Chef Madelyn Pryor grew up on a farm and like much of America thought there were three food groups: meat, dairy, and eggs. This led to rampant problems even during her teens. After trying every crash diet possible, she became vegan. Madelyn lost significant weight, her health problems cleared, and she is healthier now than […]