Book Review of Vegan Ice Cream

vegan-ice-cream-smallJeff Rogers
10 Speed Press
ISBN:  978-1-60774-545-7
5 stars

A Cool Way to Get Through a Hot Summer

When I first bought my trusty ice cream machine five years ago, I bought Vice Cream. It was different from the other vegan ice cream books on several fronts and taught me a lot about the craft of getting rid of expensive store bought vegan ice cream. Now, it has been re-released as Vegan Ice Cream and I am reminded of why I love this book.

This beautiful little book has over 90 recipes broken into four categories. Those categories are

  1. Basics
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Raw Ice Cream
  4. Sauces

Inside these categories are tons of inspirational recipes, including Jalapeno Heaven (p.58), Chai (p.116), Chocolate Pecan (p.32) and even Chocolate Sauce (p.120). There is really something for everyone here. But why grab Vegan Ice Cream instead of another vegan ice cream book?

Everyone has slightly different nutritional needs. The other vegan ice cream books focus on vegan milk bases or coconut milk bases. However, Rodgers focuses on a whole foods approach. Most of his bases are made of organic cashews. When he does have a coconut base, it is the whole coconut, pureed into a house created coconut milk, a process he shares how to recreate. The focus on whole foods also extends to his preferred sweeteners which are either pure maple syrup or dates.

But what really makes this book stand out from the competition is the sheer number of raw foods recipes. Almost half the book is just dedicated to raw ice cream recipes and there are instructions to adapt many of the others to fit this lifestyle. Some of the classic vegan ice cream bases have to be cooked to thicken, so having 100% raw options and so many make this book very valuable to anyone who follows that particular dietary practice, and anyone wishing to feel a little less guilty for that big bite of ice cream they just took.

If you already have Vice Cream, do you need to buy Vegan Ice Cream? That is really up to you. I love the updated layout. It is at once visually stimulating and easy to follow. The photography is modern and breathes life into these recipes as brightly colored photographs do. If you make the decision to purchase this, consider giving your copy of Vice Cream to a friend or a library. You can also donate it to a local health center such as a diabetic support center so those starting a healthy journey can be inspired.

Highly Recommended.

Review by Chef Madelyn Pryor

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