Book Review of Vegan Finger Foods

By Tamasin Noyes and Celine Steenvegan-finger-foods-small
Fair Winds Press
ISBN: 978-1-59233-594-7
5 out of 5 stars

It’s a Vegan Party and You’re Invited!!!

When I first became vegan, it was for health reasons. I was very unhealthy and a vegan diet fixed EVERYTHING! Then, in the process of looking for other vegans online, I found out about factory farming. So many tears!! My brain couldn’t cope. I am not alone. When I told others I was vegan they said, “Just don’t show me those horrible pictures!” Still, I wanted to share my new lifestyle with others. I started baking them great vegan desserts. Everyone was happy and a few people converted!

When I saw Vegan Finger Foods, I was reminded of the above story. Noyes and Steen have created a host of wonderful finger foods that look like little tasty works of art. Potato Puffs with Tapanade (p.43)? Yes, please! The Baked Frittata Minis (p.72) are just plain cute and Spinach Swirls (p.111)… what could be better? Now, make any of these foods and start sharing them. I think this will be the hard part because you’re going to want them all for yourself, but sharing them is compassionate. Not only are you sharing good food with people, but the more people who try this will want to know more about being vegan. Your vegan friends will think you’re cool. All around, a little work and this book can turn you into an instant hero!

The recipes are divided into 5 chapters –

  1. Mind Your Manners: Eat with Your Hands
  2. Veggie-Centric Finger Feasts
  3. Stuffed and Dipped
  4. Bread-Based Bites
  5. Sweet Little Somethings

For those of you who want to just make tiny cupcakes, Sweet Little Somethings is a great starting point. Are you going to a party where everyone is watching their weight? Veggie-Centric Finger Feasts has you covered. If you are one of those people who does not like to design your own menus, Noyes and Steen have you covered there, too. There are suggestions for themes like Game Night, Board Games and Baby Shower. As a current pregnant person I noticed that the Rum Raisin Cupcakes are on that list, but I will assume those are for the grandparents and father-to-be.

This is a really a fun, colorful cookbook. I would recommend this as a great book to gift yourself or someone else. After all, spreading delicious food one finger food at a time is a great way to get across the message that being vegan is just plain awesome.

Highest recommendations.

Book review by Madelyn Pryor

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