Madelyn Pryor

Throwback Thursday! From Entenmann’s to Amazing!

It’s time again for Throwback Thursday! This time I decided to remake something from my childhood – the Entenmann’s Coffee Cake. I don’t know if they still make the version I grew up with, which was a soft pastry topped with Jam and drizzled with frosting. It came in a blue and white box. We […]

Vegan Doughnuts! OMG!!

Yesterday we had an unexpected surprise. While I was getting my latest batch of prenatal vitamins at Whole Foods, and the salad dressing I was craving that day, I spotted two words that separate hold little meaning. Combined, these words made my head snap to the side to confirm I had seen what I thought […]

Throwback Thursday!

Updating Chicken Chow Mein to Peanut Noodle Salad I have a large collection of retro cookbooks. I love many things about them. They inform us of changing food norms. They tell us what previous generations thought was ‘new and modern’. They are amazing little time capsules. Some of those time capsules are kind of scary, […]

Easy Hummus Wraps

So where have I been? It is 120 degrees here in Phoenix and I am very, very pregnant. I really was unprepared for how much the pregnancy kick my booty – mentally and physically. I have managed to keep up with my cooking classes and most of our local catering but The Vegan Taste has […]

Choosing Raw Book Review

Gena Hamshaw $19.95 DeCapo ISBN: 978-0-7382-1687-4 5 stars This Book Makes Me Hungry!! When I received Choosing Raw, I was excited. I have a pretty extensive raw foods library but I love new books. This one blew me away and immediately went to the part of my bookshelf that stands for ‘don’t ignore’. That’s because […]

A Book Review of Afro-Vegan

Bryant Terry $27.50 10 Speed Press ISBN: 978-1-60774-531-0 5 stars A Beautiful, Delicious Global Adventure The moment I received Bryant Terry’s new tome, Afro-Vegan I tore into it. Not literally, but I did read a good chunk of it in one sitting. Since then, I have revisited this book, made a few of the recipes […]

Eating to Beat the Heat – Green Couscous with recipe

Summer is here. For some of you, in far flung places, this is a time to be outside, play and have fun. Here in Arizona it is 110 degrees already. Yes, 110 degrees. I understand that we have air conditioning but it strains to make it tolerable. Add to this the fact that I am […]

The Spice Tower – New Product Alert!

This week there are three new Trader Joes products that rocked my socks! This is the first one – a stack of 4 exotic spices. The official name is The Spice Route and it retails at my Trader Joes for $6.99. You get 4 containers of spices in cute stacking jars, and you also get […]

Sweet Curry Tofu Salad Sandwich recipe

Has it really been THAT long since I posted? I am so embarrassed. ;< Now that is out of the way, I should tell you why. My mom’s move was physically hard on both of us. She shielded me from the worst of it, but it drained us both. I am not that hard to […]

Book Review of Vegan Ice Cream

Jeff Rogers $16.99 10 Speed Press ISBN:  978-1-60774-545-7 5 stars A Cool Way to Get Through a Hot Summer When I first bought my trusty ice cream machine five years ago, I bought Vice Cream. It was different from the other vegan ice cream books on several fronts and taught me a lot about the […]